Randall Terry

Pro-Life TV Host, Teacher, Broadcast Media

Randall Terry: Voice Of Resistance

Randall Terry's Bio:

I am currently in Memphis, Tennessee, helping my son, Michael (10 Years Old), beat cancer. Learn more here...


This website, www.RandallTerry.com, is a place where you can find, connect, email and engage me online. I want to hear your questions, answer them, and help you to understand the importance of the Christian fight, or help you become an effective Leader. Welcome.




Voice Of Resistance is a pro-life Christian political news television show, hosted by Randall Terry. Broadcasting week days on cable and satellite to 50 million households nationwide and delivering powerful teachings of Christ and how to stand for truth in political circles. Find out more at www.voiceofresistance.org.



Randall Terry's Interests & Activities:

Pro-Life Leadership, Activism, Leadership Training, News, Family, Life, Faith, Liberty