About Randall Terry

Randall Allan Terry is the Founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. Mr. Terry led the largest civil disobedience in American history from 1987 to 1994. He has been arrested 49 times, and spent more than one year in various federal, state, and local prisons. 

Randall Terry has been a Pro-Life Leader, Trainer, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He has a Masters in Foreign Relations and Islamic Studies. His knowledge of history, candor, and passion to train others makes him a lethal weapon to the enemies of God, and a vital teacher to those that wish to learn. He has made it his goal to raise up an Army of Righteous Leaders.

His life has been threatened multiple times, requiring the intervention of law enforcement, and relocation for security reasons. 

He is an internationally known TV guest, author, lecturer, filmmaker, talk show host, and musician. 

Randall has been a guest on: Oprah, 60 Minutes, Meet the Press, Nightline, Hannity, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, 20/20, 48 Hours, TBN, Scarborough Country, Crossfire, Sonya Live, Donahue, Sally Jesse-Raphael, BBC, Italian Television, Niko Television, Telemundo, ABC World News Tonight, CBS News, and NBC News.

He has been featured in the New York Times, The Rolling Stone, The
Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, US News & World Report, People Magazine, Roll Call, der Spiegel, Christianity Today, and most major newspapers in the United States.

Randall has spoken to conferences at Yale, Cornell, Southern Methodist University, Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church, huge “Jesus festivals,” the Vatican, and much more.

He has a B.A. from the State University of New York in Communications, a theology degree from Elim Bible Institute, a B.A. from Whitfield College in Christian Studies, and a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and International Terrorism from Norwich University, one of the oldest military schools in America. Randall's education has included an emphasis on Islamic terrorism. He has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He is the author of 7 books with over 400,000 copies in print; the producer of a 14-part TV series on the history, philosophy and theology of social revolution in America; and a 20-part series, What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained. Other documentaries include A Cold Day In Hell (on the conversion of Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe vs Wade); Pandemic, The Threshing of America, and Muhammad In His Own Words. His documentaries have aired in America and multiple nations around the world on various Christian television and satellite networks.  

He is an accomplished musician with four albums of original music. 

He has written and directed two time travel movies, Time Boys (due to be released in spring ’23) and Time Boys II (in post production.)

Mr. Terry has been written about, lampooned, and studied in many contemporary books, and even encyclopedias.  He brings a clarity and passion on the issues he addresses that have been fired in the kiln of experience, controversy, and hardship.

His latest book, Divine Correction: How God Gets a Nations Attention to be released winter 2023; he is currently working on a documentary of the Rescue Movement from 1987 through 1994 entitled DRAGONSLAYERS: The Operation Rescue Story.

Mr. Terry was born on April 25th, 1959 in Rochester NY and is the father of 7 children. He currently resides in Tennessee his wife and four teenage sons.
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