Accessory to Murder

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Written by Randall Terry "We are at war for the soul of our nation and the future of our children." - Randall Terry This book is biting expose of forces that the most visible pro-life crusader in America had met face-to-face. And it was written from the vantage point many activists throughout history have had to face. Prison. Unlike anything you have ever read, this book draws the battle lines between life and death and the forces of righteousness and unrighteousness. It reveals the horror and calculated cruelty of the people and organization that are promoting moral anarchy in America. Terry chronicles his findings and personal experiences with Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the National Organization for Women. He uncovers the overt bias of every major television network and most major print media in maintaining an ongoing anti-Christian stand. With undeniable facts, Randall Terry exposes the accessories to the murder of our children, the destruction of our culture and the failure of the Church to take action. "A powerful book... must reading for anybody concerned about the future of America." - Richard Exley, Pastor/Author "Randall Terry is in vintage form, serving up a double dose of reality." - George Grant, Author of Grand Illusions "While you may not always agree with Randall Terry's tactics, you cannot disagree that he is a man of great moral courage." - Chuck Colson

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