Operation Rescue

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This was my first major book. Operation Rescue is about God’s command to His people to love their neighbor as themselves, and their duty to rescue the innocent from death. It's also about the conflict between man’s laws and God’s laws, and what the Bible says we should do when God and man conflict. I wrote this book while in jail in Binghamton, New York. Laws have changed since the writing of this book, and some of our tactics have changed accordingly. However, this book was a key part in launching the largest civil disobedience movement in American history.

"SOMETHING IS HAPPENING IN THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT and I believe it is a direct answer to prayer. I encourage the body of Christ to join in Operation Rescue as salt and light to our communities. We must live our faith, prayerfully and in a Christ-like manner, putting action before our words." - Dr. D. James Kennedy

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