The Sword

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Written by Randall Terry

The Blessing of Righteous Government and the Overthrow of Tyrants

The Government: Blessing or Curse?

According to most modern pundits, it is one or the other. The most liberal government is an unqualified solution to all the ills of society. To most conservatives government is a cure worse than the disease.

But the biblical perspective of government is altogether different--it is neither liberal or conservative. Instead, it is a matter of obedience or disobedience to God’s holy and unchanging Law. Governments that seek to conform to the stands of righteousness bring blessing to their peoples lands. THose that do not are harbingers of the curse.

In this powerful book, Randall A. Terry describes the way Christians have used this crucial understanding in past generations to establish a heritage of remarkable freedom and unprecedented opportunity. But then he challenges Christians in our own day to do likewise--confronting tyranny, injustice and wickedness will the wise and unerring truth of the Gospel.

With a sense of prophetic urgency, the book sets the agenda for Christian culture and political involvement for the last decade of the twentieth century.

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