Why Does a Nice Guy Like Me Keep Getting Thrown in Jail?

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Written by Randall Terry

Randall Terry cuts to the heart of why the America Church is unable to stop the spread of wickedness in the halls of power. With wit, humor, and refreshing clarity, Mr. Terry broadsides the unbiblical "Americanized Christianity" that glorifies retreat, legitimized cowardice and praised irrelevance. Get ready for a dose of courage.

“This book is dynamic, moving, convincing. Since the days of Paul the Apostle, there has never been something about the manuscript written in the grim environment of a jail cell that gives it that extra fire of conviction. It was true of countless followers of Christ who suffered imprisonment for His sake - like John Bunyan, for example, whose writing was refined by the flames of persecution. I see some of that in this book, WHY DOES A NICE GUY LIKE ME KEEP GETTING THROWN IN JAIL? What a reminder that the disciple is not above his master?” - Dr. D. James Kennedy

“Randall Terry does not have a direct line to God.” - President Candidate Bill Clinton

(“Yeah - but I DO read the Bible!” - R.T.)

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